Recruiter Connect™ Program

Your contribution helps us promote our mission and reach our goals to help military members and their families find jobs.

MSCCN team members are accomplished recruitment specialists who work one-on-one with corporate recruiters from our partner companies to expand employment opportunities for military-affiliated applicants.

By using our “Boots on the Ground” outreach, as well as research, sourcing, and technology, MSCCN can identify and secure highly qualified military-affiliated candidates on a local, regional, national, and even worldwide basis in a wide range of professional fields and industries.

Corporate recruiters who work with MSCCN receive total confidentiality, a selection of highly qualified military-affiliated candidates, and a recruitment search conducted with a real sense of urgency. As a corporate recruiter working with MSCCN, you will have access to an amazing database of military spouses, caregivers to war wounded, transitioning military, and veterans worldwide who served in all wars.

Services Provided to Corporate Recruiters include:

MSCCN will act as a search agent for your open job positions.
MSCCN will pre-screen applicants for specified job openings, sending qualified applicants to your desktop.
MSCCN will provide virtual employment readiness training seminars in order to prepare your qualified MSCCN candidates to ensure job readiness and job expectations. 
MSCCN can build a future workforce for your needs by preparing up-and-coming military-affiliated candidates who qualify for your job openings. 

The Corporate Recruiter Program is a no-cost program to our military-affiliated candidates and this program is funded through the generous donations of our corporate partners. If you are interested in becoming a part of this program contact MSCCN today at and reference the Corporate Recruiter Program. Donations are customized to fit all corporate HR budget.