What’s Missing In Military Employment Programs?

Four necessary components are still missing from the landscape of military employment programs:
  1. Boots-to-the-ground applicant specialists who provide the HARD work when connecting military applicants to the real jobs in real time for job placement success

  2. Applicant Tracking Systems that measure real job placements in real time

  3. CEO participation and involvement in their organization’s military hiring efforts seems lacking in current employment programs today. CASY-MSCCN Board of Directors build meaningful DIRECT relationships with our corporate member’s CEO to ensure the support of our military job placement processes are fully supported at the highest executive management level. As the saying goes, “If it interests my boss – it interests me!”

  4. Clarification.  Too many failed for-profit and nonprofit programs have diluted the employment market, confusing military applicants and corporate giving organizations The CASY-MSCCN Gap Analysis is a snapshot comparison of the programs and benefits currently offered by CASY-MSCCN with those offered by similar organizations.