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MSCCN Board Members

Lynn Hamilton Edward Green Lee Metcalf Conrad Chun Saul Perez
Lynn Hamilton
Edward Greene
Corporate Secretary
Rear Admiral Lee Metcalf, USN(Ret) Conrad Chun Saul Perez Richard Parr, Esq.
Andrew Jackson A.C. "Butch" Giessman Jason Kelley RADM Charles (Chuck) Williams  
Brigadier Andrew Jackson
Brit. Army (Ret)
A.C. "Butch" Giessman  Rear Admiral Marc Purcell, USN (Ret) Jason E. Kelley
IBM Representative 
RADM Charles (Chuck) Williams, USN (ret.)   
  Deb Kloeppel Dan Kloeppel    
    Deb Kloeppel
Founder & President
Rear Admiral Dan Kloeppel, USN (Ret)
Founder & CEO
Stacy Bayton
Sr Executive
Vice President


Shawn Leonard
T2TL Advisor

John McArthur

John DiPiero
Senior Advisor

Travis Hall

Alexandra Rawlings
Financial Advisor
Marianne Watson
Brigadier General
Marianne Watson,
US Army (Ret)
Simone Murray
Simone Murray
Curtis Hazel
Curtis Hazel

Bill Warren

Board Members Emeritus

Norm Bartlett

Don Ceresia
Joe Garcia
Joe Garcia

Lee Tuveson
Rick Carey
Rick Carey
Todd Davis
Todd Davis

The Board of Directors is responsible for oversight and supervision of MSCCN. All voting MSCCN Board Members are volunteers. All MSCCN Board members and advisors are required to sign and comply with MSCCN's Conflict of Interest policy.   All MSCCN team members are provided with contact information for each Board member in compliance with the Whistleblower Act.

MSCCN is blessed to have a fully engaged Board of Directors comprised of members who honor MSCCN's mission, as we serve the employment needs of the military family.

Corporate Governance

2016 February 26 Semi-Annual Board Meeting

CASY and MSCCN held their semi-annual on-site Board meetings on
Friday, February 26, 2016, kindly hosted by Swift Transportation at
their Corporate Headquarters in Phoenix, AZ.
February 2016 Board Meeting

2015 September 25 Annual Board Meeting

CASY and MSCCN held their annual on-site Board meetings on Friday, September 25, 2015, generously hosted by Boeing at their St. Louis Headquarters.
September 2015 Board

Front Row (L-R)
: Conrad Chun; BG Marianne Watson, Army National Gaurd (ret.); Jennifer Quimby; Amy Rossi; Deb Kloeppel; RADM Chuck Williams, USN (ret.); Lynn Hamilton; Alexandra Rawlings.
Back Row (L-R): Stacy Bayton; Curtis Hazel; RADM Dan Kloeppel, USN (ret.); Col Sanford Artman, USA (ret); RADM Lee Metcalf, USN (ret.).

2015 March 13 Semi-Annual Board Meeting

The MSCCN Board of Directors held their semi-annual meeting at USAA's new Riverwalk offices in San Antonio, Texas, on March 13, 2015.
MSCCN Board of Directors - March 2015
Back Row (l to r): Curtis Hazel; John McArthur; RDML Marc Purcell, USN (ret.); RADM Dan Kloeppel, USN (ret.); Simone Murray; Saul Perez; Richard Parr, Esq; Travis Hall
Front Row (l to r): Erin Voirol; RADM Chuck Williams, USN (ret.); Conrad Chun; Deb Kloeppel; Lynn Hamilton, Chairperson; Stacy Bayton; Col John DiPiero, USAF (ret.).
Not pictured:  RADM Lee Metcalf, USN (ret.)Todd Davis; AC "Butch" Giessman; Brigadier Andrew Jackson, Brit Army (ret.); BG Marianne Watson, Army National Guard (ret.); Edward Greene.
Corporate Documents  Financial Documents
Privacy Statement
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Letter of Determination
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2015 Annual Report
2015 Form 990
2014 Annual Report
2014 Form 990
2014 Financial Review

General Corporate Information
Domestic Jurisdiction:  Delaware Tax ID No: 
Date of Formation:  Fiscal Year End:  12/31
December 29, 2004  
Charter No.:  3904910 Concentra Member/Parent:
Status:  Active In Good Standing Primary Assumed Name:  MSCCN
Entity Type:  501(c)(3) Tax Exempt
Non-Profit Corporation
Business Purpose:
Contact Information: Military Spouses Corporate Career Network
Business and Financial Office: Registered Agent:
Deb Kloeppel, President, MSCCN  CSC Corporation
5445 Murrell Road, Suite 102-177  
Viera, FL 32955  

2014 September 12 Annual Meeting

The MSCCN Board of Directors held their Annual Meeting at Boeing Headquarters on September 12, 2014.  The organization is celebrating its 10th Anniversary. Board
Back Row (l to r):  Richard Parr, Esq; Travis Hall; John McArthur;  AC "Butch" Giessman; Edward Greene; RADM Dan Kloeppel, USN (ret.); Curtis Hazel; Simone Murray; RADM Lee Metcalf, USN (ret.); Rick Carey; Col John DiPiero, USAF (ret.).
Front Row (l to r): RADM Chuck Williams, USN (ret.); Deb Kloeppel; Jennifer Quimby; Conrad Chun; Amy Rossi; Erin Voirol;  Stacy Bayton.
Not pictured:  Brigadier Andrew Jackson, Brit Army (ret.); Saul Perez.

2014 July 16 Board Meeting

The MSCCN Board of Directors met at The Boeing Company Headquarters for their semi-annual meeting on July 16, 2014.
Board - July 2014
From Left to right:
RADM Lee Metcalf, USN (ret.), Conrad Chun, 
Deb Kloeppel, RADM Dan Kloeppel, USN (ret.), Lee Tuveson,
RADM Charles Williams, USN (ret.). 

2013 October 11th Annual Meeting

From Left to right: Rick Carey, RADM Lee Metcalf, USN (ret.), Simone Murray, Lee Tuveson, RADM Dan Kloeppel, USN (ret.), Stacy Bayton, Curtis Hazel,
Butch Giessman, Don Ceresia, Conrad Chun. 
Also in attendance but not pictured:
Deb Kloeppel, Richard Parr

2013 June 20th Board Meeting

Board of Directors, June 2013

Back Row:  Rick Carey, Andrew Jackson, Shawn Leonard, Don Ceresia,
Dan Kloeppel, Curtis Hazel
Front Row:  Chris Page, Deb Kloeppel, Lee Metcalf, Jolene Jefferies
Not Pictured:  Edward Greene, Richard Parr, Saul Perez, Lee Tuveson
Don and Deb
MSCCN wishes to honor, acknowledge, and extend our deepest thanks to our retiring Board member, Mr. Don Ceresia.

MSCCN was founded in October 2004 and we first met Don in January 2005; he has been a dedicated and outspoken supporter ever since.

“It is with regret that I announce the retirement of Mr. Don Ceresia as a voting Board member, after ten years of faithful and committed service to the CASY-MSCCN program, but I joyfully announce that Mr. Ceresia will continue service to our mission as a CASY-MSCCN Board Senior Advisor,” said Mrs. Deb Kloeppel, Founder, President, and CEO of CASY-MSCCN. “No other donor, corporation, or person has championed the mission and cause of CASY-MSCCN like Don Ceresia. To simply say ‘Thank you’ seems woefully inadequate but those of us who know Don understand that, because of his humble heart, even this simple tribute is probably causing him embarrassment. In the words of John F. Kennedy ‘Heroes are simply too busy to know they are heroes.’ ”
Read the full write-up here . . .


2012 October 11th Board Meeting

Back Row: Saul Perez, Don Ceresia, Norm Bartlett,
Rick Carey, Dan Kloeppel, Andrew Jackson, Edward Greene
Front Row: Lee Metcalf, Deb Kloeppel,
Stacy Bayton, Lee Tuveson, Shawn Leonard

2012 June 1st Board Meeting

The MSCCN Board met at The Boeing Company Headquarters
on Friday, June 1st
Pictured from Left to Right

 Admiral Lee Metcalf (USN ret), Lee Tuveson, Don Ceresia,
Deb Kloeppel,  Admiral Dan Kloeppel (USN ret), Norm Bartlett
Not Pictured:  Edward Greene, Richard Parr, Rick Carey

2011 Annual Board Meeting

Board - 2011
Pictured from Left to Right
Standing: Don Ceresia, Admiral Lee Metcalf (USN ret), Edward Greene, 
General Andrew Jackson (British Army ret), Richard Parr, 
Rear Admiral Dan Kloeppel (USN ret)
Seated: Lee Tuveson, Bill Warren, Deb Kloeppel, Stacy Bayton

The MSCCN Board of Directors met at The Boeing Company Headquarters for their annual meeting on September 30, 2011. The Board met for a full day and planned the way forward concerning the powerful MSCCN mission.

"2011 continues to be a banner year for MSCCN and we are extremely excited about our long term future. MSCCN is a pure, transparent, healthy and solvent nonprofit organization. The love and dedication shown to MSCCN by our Board of Directors and MSCCN Team of professional military spouses and female Veterans are unmatched in the industry!" says Deb Kloeppel, Founder and CEO, MSCCN.

2010 Annual Board Meeting

On September 23, 2010, the MSCCN Board of Directors met at Boeing Headquarters in St. Louis, MO.

Board Meeting Sep 23, 2010

From Left to Right: Don Ceresia, Colonel Joe Garcia (ret), Rear Admiral Lee Metcalf (ret),
Rear Admiral Dan Kloeppel (ret), Deb Kloeppel, Richard Parr, Esquire, Simone Murray, Lee Tuveson,
Bill Warren.
Board Members not pictured: Norm Bartlett and Edward Greene.

Summary of Meeting:
“This was the most engaging and important Board Meeting to date regarding the amazing growth of the MSCCN program” said Deb Kloeppel, Founder and CEO of MSCCN. “Mr. Bill Warren, Founder and Executive Director of DirectEmployers Association, Inc. has joined MSCCN’s Board of Directors. Equally as exciting, DirectEmployer’s Association, Inc. joined MSCCN as a lifetime Charter Member. We have three additional Board of Director Nominees to vet within the next two months. Seems our MSCCN growth powers on!”


Archive of Past Board Meetings